Our Youth Employment Program is to offer the estimated 1, 863 legible unemployed youth in the community an opportunity for Employment or Employment Development with a living wage salary.

Our East Oakland community at 55th Avenue east to the Oakland-San Leandro border, like every other American community, need and deserve a community that is economically viable with community based businesses that meet the community’s consumer needs. Critical to an economically viable with community serving businesses is safety. Currently the unemployment rate in our East Oakland community is around 3% higher than the national rate for the general population. This is even higher for the community’s youth. The key brining safety to our East Oakland community is employment for the community’s youth (16-24 years of age).

While visiting a small eatery on International Boulevard, a well-dressed young man walked in and after a brief discussion with the owner walked out. I inquired and the owner told me, “They come in all of the time looking for work but we can’t help them, we just don’t have the working capital to expand our businesses to create jobs." This young man was looking for a legitimate way to earn a salary. My fear is this young man and many like him may have had to resort to nefarious means of earning a living. Our youth deserve better; we need more youth employment. Frankly, we do not see this ending soon, if ever.  Therefore our approach is to find a way to bridge our youth over this ever present devastating situation.

Our Youth Employment Program is designed to “Bridge” youth in our East Oakland community over crime by offering every eligible unemployed youth in our East Oakland community a living wage salaried employment or employment development opportunity. This will require the corporation and help of businesses in the trades, volunteering and a lot of grant fundraising which our plan is designed to pursue.

We operate on the proven 80/20 Theory of Human Behavior which suggests that 8 out of 10 unemployed youth in our East Oakland community will choose gainful employment over unemployment and unemployment related crime. The 9th might and the 10th simply will not and the 10th becomes isolated.

We believe and operate on the premise that most of the crime and other antisocial behavior among youth in our low income urban East Oakland community is due to poverty driven conditions of hopelessness and despair. Too many youth in our East Oakland community; out of no choice, have to turn to illegal means to earn money.  Year in and year out, administrators and politicians promise to fix the schools that are failing our children in low income communities which perpetuates this situation.


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