As is well known, everyone’s responsibility is no one’s responsibility.  Job creation for Americas Black community is a Black responsibility.

To our surprise and disappointment, Black America; namely our current Black Leaders simply see job creation in largely Black communities as a national government responsibility and as such will not work to create jobs and as we have experienced will not even support or seemingly in some cases actually reject community level job creation efforts like ours. This is grave mistake as government will never create jobs in largely Black low income urban America communities due to strong lobby for the Prison Industrial Complex and like agencies that realize a healthy return on investment opportunities generated from Black economic deficiencies. In spite of the lack of support from community leadership in our targeted largely Black low income East Oakland community, we will continue job creation through the development of community based, job creating businesses in East Oakland.

(Black America RESPONSIBILITY for Job Creation)

If Black lives really matter in Black America, Black America leadership will realize: 50 plus year after passage of the civil-rights legislation that civil rights laws are already written and change course and make Black ownership of job creating major retail businesses Black America’s new highest priority in order to create jobs and economic opportunity in the Black community. This will provide jobs which will reduce the level of hopelessness and despair over the absence of the three basics: food, shelter and clothing which often result in errant and often violent behavior among some residents of largely Black low income communities which begat over, and all too often, deadly policing in these communities.

Black America, through the spending of Black America’s reported 1 trillion dollars in annual consumer expenditures with new Black owned major retail businesses can produce at the retail level. The problems in Black American communities emanate from underground economies brought about by high rates of unemployment caused by the flight of job creating businesses during integration and the inability of Black America to replace these job creating businesses due to disinvestment in these communities coupled with a lack of business loan funding and working capital. This underground economy which is drug sales is in conflict with America’s war on drugs: thus stop and search of too many Black males resulting in high rates of imprisonment. Also, in this underground economy it is necessary for one to protect one’s area of operation; thus the guns. The fact that many Black males in these communities are armed with guns sets the stage for mistaken police killings of Black males in these communities.

A specific contributing factor to the joblessness and economic woes in our targeted low income community and other low income communities is that the post-civil rights Oakland city hall seemingly failed to even lift a finger to retain low skilled employers like Granny Goose Potato Chips, Del Monte canners etc., from leaving Oakland.  Oakland city hall; prior to the post-civil rights era realized that Oakland is essentially a blue collar worker town and pursued low skilled blue collar job offering businesses like auto assembly plants. In recent news San Francisco gave huge tax breaks to a while collar business to stay in the city to avoid losing jobs. If the post- civil rights Oakland city hall had realized and accepted the fact that Oakland has always had a large low skilled, blue collar workforce and had worked to retain businesses that offered low skilled, blue collar jobs the unemployment rate and related crime might not be as high as it is in East Oakland and other Oakland low income communities.

The solution is to reduce Black unemployment in our targeted largely Black low income East Oakland community through jobs created from new Black owned, job creating major retail businesses. With a declared specific purpose is to reduce unemployment, our non-profit is working for the establishment of Black ownership of job creating major new retail businesses in our targeted majority Black East Oakland community at 55th Avenue east to the Oakland-San Leandro border that will provide some 60 new jobs (FTE) for the community.  To learn more about our supermarket effort click here.

In summary, our philosophy is that the problems in our targeted East Oakland community and communities like it are due to excessively high rates of unemployment. Reports are that the unemployment along Black youth exceeds 51%; even 15 to 20%, higher than for Latinos, the group with the next highest level of youth unemployment.  Our non-profit’s Specific Purpose as filed with the California Secretary of State is to reduce unemployment in East Oakland. Our plan call for this to be done primarily through the establishment of locally owned, franchise job creating major retail businesses that will capture our target’s community’s over 3.4 billion dollars in Annual Household Consumer Expenditures in the community to create jobs and economic opportunity.

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